Partner Profile: Tisidra Jones


Tisidra is passionate about creating systems that allow more people to thrive. As an artist, lawyer, and entrepreneur, she works at those intersections to connect with individuals and communities; design and create more holistic programs and policies; and try to expand access to economic opportunities for more people. Tisidra has studied the power of the arts to connect communities. She has also conducted sociological and legal research on systems that divide. Throughout her career, and her in current role as CEO of Strong & Starlike, Consulting, Inc., Tisidra has worked with government entities, nonprofits, and businesses to design sustainable programs and policies that can result in more communities having access to what they need to thrive. Tisidra’s work at the intersection of art, law, and entrepreneurship has resulted in multiple awards and honors, including the 2017 International Arts and Culture Citizen Award.

For more about Tisidra and the work she does, please visit her website: Strong and Starlike Consulting, Inc.

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