Partner Profile: Kim Horton


Kim’s professional bio is featured this month, but the more interesting story is that she fell into fascination with communications as a child when she realized that grocery stores guided your shopping by placing the milk in the back, making you wander past all manner of other things you might want to get to what you need. The psychology of influencing impressions and experiences grabbed her. She acknowledges that this sounds sinister. Fortunately for all of us, Kim decided to use her powers for good.

Kim believes that clear communication is the key to connecting people and has spent her career crafting communications of all kinds to help businesses and organizations authentically connect to their audiences. For over 15 years, she has developed brand strategies, marketing campaigns, and customer experiences for her clients. Currently, Kim serves as the Senior Director of Communications for The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library. Prior to joining The Friends in 2016, Kim partnered with nonprofits like the Ordway, Literacy Minnesota, and even Library Strategies, consulting on marketing campaigns and presenting workshops on effective communications. Prior to that, she worked with hundreds of clients locally and nationally as an account director at a local design firm and earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in advertising from The University of Illinois. Kim lives in the Twin Cities with her husband and two daughters, and is proud to count stay-at-home-mom as part of her experience.

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