5 Simple Ways to Connect Your Boards


Most libraries have multiple boards. To be sure, the governing or funding boards are the most important as they determine the operations and future of the library, but support boards, such as the Friends and Foundation boards, can play a vital for the library as well. It is important to have clear roles and responsibilities for each of your boards, but it is equally essential that each of the boards have an ongoing understanding of what the other boards are doing. Avoid misunderstandings by keeping your boards connected.

Here are 5 simple ways to keep your boards connected:

1) Have representation of each board on the other boards (often non-voting)
2) Have designated Friends & Foundation board members attend governing/funding board meetings regularly
3) Ensure transparency by having all materials of all boards readily accessible to other boards. Have periodic reports on other boards at meetings.
4) Require that all board members occasionally attend the programs of other groups
5) Hold an annual social event for the members of all the boards together