12 Must-Know Facts about Library Fundraising

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From Beyond Book Sales Effective fundraising is about relationships first, money second A clear case for support and strong, consistent messages are crucial To value the library is not enough Libraries have both an intellectual and emotional appeal to donors Everyone on your staff plays a role in fundraising. EVERYONE. A strong fundraising committee or…

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Need a New Strategic Plan?

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Rapid Results Planning™ is Affordable, Fast and Effective There’s no place in today’s busy library world for strategic planning processes with huge investments of time and money, resulting in plans that can easily end up on the shelf gathering dust. Rapid Results Planning® is a focused, energetic and synergistic planning process driven by community stakeholders.…

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Beyond Book Sales

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Whether your library undertakes only occasional fundraising projects or is well along in this effort and wants to become more successful, Beyond Book Sales: The Complete Guide to Raising Real Money for Your Library will guide you through proven methods of effective library fundraising. It will help you think about raising dollars in new ways…

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