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Our blog is full of helpful hints, friendly advice, and useful articles as well as library news and current Library Strategies' projects. With this blog we aim to strengthen libraries by providing information that any library, foundation, or Friends organization can act on. We hope you enjoy these posts, and if you would like to see us write on any topics in particular, please let us know.


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The “We Make Workplans for Our Workplans” Edition

By Wendy Werdin | October 28, 2021 |

Here at Library Strategies, we’re always happy to help, so you’re never entirely without someone to go to…

Implementation Planning or What To Do In Case of Frogs

By Wendy Werdin | September 30, 2021 |

Pretend, with your humble author, that your library has just finished a strategic plan. You’ve got all these…

Your Library is Preparing for a Capital Campaign! Now What?

By Wendy Werdin | August 31, 2021 |

We’ve seen increased interest in feasibility studies and capital campaigns in the last few months. Given funding opportunities…

Dos and Don’ts for RFPs

By Wendy Werdin | July 28, 2021 |

Say you have a project like strategic planning that you know will require the help of an outside…

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things: Library Strategies Consultants in Their Own Words

By Wendy Werdin | June 23, 2021 |

Our consultants will be the first to tell you that each library and library support organization brings unique…

How We Operate: Lightbulb Edition

By Wendy Werdin | April 27, 2021 |

Library Strategies is a consulting group of The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library. We are the…