MN Statewide One-Book Program

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This year Minnesota proudly joined the ranks of Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Michigan with it’s creation of a children’s statewide one-book program called Once Upon a Reader. The concept is to encourage pre-K children and adults to read together to promote early literacy skills, and is designed with local libraries as the hub of the program.

But unlike other one-book programs around the nation, Once Upon a Reader is truly unique – offering library programs, a huge variety of programming materials, free downloadable activities, and original music and movies. The aim is to have every library in Minnesota be able to participate in the program no matter their size or remoteness.

The program is sponsored by the Council of Regional Public Library System Administrators with funding from the Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund for library legacy. Each year, the program will feature one book. This year’s choice is the charming and sly Moo!, written by David LaRochelle and illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka, both Minnesota residents. The author/illustrator team will travel throughout the state offering a “Trunk Show” that includes a puppet show, original music, group reading, and drawing activities.

Library Strategies is coordinating Once Upon a Reader, developing program materials, scheduling author/illustrator visits and distributing free copies of Moo! toover 14,500 Head Start students in Minnesota – all a part of the program grant.

To learn more about Once Upon a Reader…watch the animated Moo! video, listen to toe-tapping original music by singer/songwriter Tom Lieberman and lots more, visit: or checkout the fun and exciting day-to-day activities on Once Upon a Reader’s Facebook page.

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